What I Learned About Copywriting, Direct Marketing and Life From Joe Karbo – The Original Lazy Man

Joe Karbo’s “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches” was an eye opening journey into this world of direct response marketing.

The history of Joe’s ad is amazing in its own right. He sold enough copies of his self published book to become very rich on the back of his one long running control. Well done Joe. Before I ever wanted to read that book my father had responded to the ad, read the book and subsequently lost it, all before I had been born.

Funny how events reoccur in families isn’t it?

Since the threads of time looped around I will share forward the biggest lessons I learned from the expanded and republished “Lazy Man’s Way To Riches.”

Success starts inside. Money is made in your mind long before it ever appears in your bank account. Joe’s Dyna Psych is a great way to get your head right so that prosperity can come your way. It was the first book I’d ever read that made the inner/outer connection so viscerally to me.

Since then I’ve been through quite a bit of personal development type work. A lot of it because of the ideas originally put forward in this book.

Direct Marketing Is A Great Vehicle To Wealth: If you can use media to acquire customers at a profit you have perhaps the ultimate Lazy Man’s Business. Joe makes it sound like anyone can put an ad in the newspaper to sell a self published book for $10 and they’ll be rich.

Joe’s book achieved this. Ted Nicholas’ “How To Form Your Own Corporation for Under $50” (the number kept getting bigger with inflation) was another runaway hit that they made its author rich on the back of its success. But they don’t happen that often.

Direct Marketing provides such massive leverage that you don’t have to work that ‘hard’ in the traditional sense in order to be a runaway success.

Your story behind the product matters: Since you were buying the “Lazy Man’s way to Riches” from Joe Karbo you needed to know Joe’s story and Joe used his story to great effect. Firstly, how he got himself rich and then how he helped others to get rich the same way.

It allowed anyone who Joe has an affinity with to bond to them. His story worked really well for creating affinity and also to prove that the benefits he offers in his book he lives every day. It was a masterstroke.

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