Offshore Oil Drilling Jobs And Careers

People are often amazed at the choices available for oil rig jobs offshore. Ranging from very technical to general labor, oil rig jobs cover a broad range of specialties. You will have no trouble finding an oil rig job performing almost anything you care to work at.

Rig careers can include environmental engineers, responsible for working with the engineer, the driller and crew, as well as a lot of other fields and disciplines in order to assure that the oil can be produced and gotten from the ground leaving minimal impact to the world around us.

The people who are in charge of discovering the oil and bringing it out of the ground are to be found in the drilling team, the engineering team and the geological team. These all work together to discover the oil, determine the best way to access it, and then pump it and transport it, utilizing tanker vessels as well as pipelines to get the petroleum to shore.

Once the oil gets to shore, the pipeline workers, from engineers to laborers, are responsible for seeing the oil properly distributed to the refineries. Since most of our oil is moved from place to place now via the pipelines, employees who work the pipes are both well paid and secure in their positions.

Today more than ever before oil rig careers are increasing rapidly. It is projected by the Labor Bureau that the oil and gas rig jobs are going to rise steadily over the next five years and well into the future.

Landing an oil rig job today will have you in early retirement, with all the time in the world to be with your friends and loved ones. Not only are oil rig jobs thrilling, they also pay so well that you will be able to put away a small fortune if you save diligently, allowing you to enjoy both an early and a prosperous retirement.

There are a great many of areas in which you can choose to work, whether on a land based rig, or offshore, but most find it easier to start with a land-based crew, or in another area of the industry, such as the pipelines and transport, or well servicing, or the refineries.

These areas of the industry also pay very well, and there are a wide range of jobs to choose from, from the IT department, inspectors, technicians, laborers, pipe-fitters, chemists and a wide range of engineering specialties.

With the assistance of a good employment guide and the online recruiting resources that are available, almost anyone can start a new career in the oil industry simply by putting together a good resume and list of companies and jobs he or she is interested in, then applying and interviewing to the best of one’s ability. It is a common-sense axiom that those who sow, reap, so put out a little effort; you will be well rewarded.

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