Network Marketing 20-30K A Month In 90 Days? Yeah, Right

Network Marketing Success: Network Marketing 20-30K A Month In 90 Days? Yeah, Right

Let’s get real. How many people really generate 20-30K per month in their network marketing / direct sales business within 90 days of starting? Well, not very many. The amount is so minuscule that it probably doesn’t even register on whatever scale that you choose to use. In theory it could happen,yes. And here’s how:

1.) Firstly, you would have to get into a top tier, high commission network marketing / direct sales company that pays high commissions up front. Versus a more traditional MLM model where you have to build and recruit a small army of distributors which can take 3-5 years to do. Nothing wrong with this business if that is what you like. A top tier direct sales company on the other hand pays large commissions up front, usually starting around $1000.00. Some pay as high as $10,000.00 or more on some packages.

2.) You would have to position yourself at the top of the pay plan. Meaning that if a company has 3 different levels of products that they promote, you need to invest at all three levels. As an example:

Level 1 product: $1695.00 = $1000.00 Commission

Level 2 product: $8995.00 = $5000.00 Commission

Level 3 product: $14,995.00 = $9000.00 Commission

Total Investment at all 3 levels: $25,865.00

Total commission if you start with above investment: $15,000.00

If you’re thinking to yourself that $25,865.00 is a ton of money, compare it to buying a franchise. I have 2 friends that bought a Direct Buy franchise. They paid a $300,000.00 franchise fee, another $600,000.00 to build a showroom, plus a 22% royalty fee on membership sales. This isn’t even a Mcdonalds that we’re talking about here. And for the most part, you’ll be on a small salary first the first year or two. As I understand, between 50-65K is the norm. So, to me anyway, 26K is a bargain, considering the potential ROI.

So in the above scenario, you’re investing 26K with the potential to make that back in only 2 sales of all three products. How long would it take to do that? Well, that depends on your marketing, sales skills, etc. Let’s say that it took you a full year to sell 4 packages at $15K commission each. That’s 60K in commission, from an investment of 26K. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do know that is an outstanding ROI. Again, I’m no math wizard, but Warren Buffet will take that return any day of the week. Which is probably why his Berkshire Hathaway Group owns 4 or 5 network marketing companies. So the potential ROI relative to your investment really is quite substantial. Back to the topic at hand.

3.) The third thing you would need to make 20-30K in your first 90 days is drop dead outstanding marketing skills, both online and off. Again, most folks, when starting out in business, home business or any type of business, don’t have more than a very basic idea of what marketing is much less how to do it. And in this day and age, if you don’t have marketing skills, especially online marketing, you’re going to go broke. The good news is that these skills can be taught and learned. But to learn them in 30-60 days to begin earning 20-30K per month in 90 days, to me is a stretch. 180 days to start seeing leads from your online marketing efforts on a consistent basis? Very doable, I believe. So, yes, you can obtain considerable network marketing success with the above factors in play.

Now, who are you going to talk to in the meantime, while you’re building your marketing machine? We teach our organization where to find professionals such as realtors, insurance agents, executives, managers, etc. These professionals, for the most part already possess the skill sets required to run and manage their own business. And the great news is, there is an unlimited supply of them to talk to. You only need to know where to find them. We show people in our organization where to find these professionals. Done correctly, you will NEVER run out of people to talk to.

You can also buy leads for you business. Buyer beware however, as some leads are as recycled as can be. Our organization has access to leads which are generated through this sales funnel system. Great way to get started, but you want to continually work on your own marketing as well.

4.) Network Marketing Success Sales Skills. In most direct sales, the company gives you a script, tells you to learn it and start dialing. That’s all fine and dandy if you’re a sales professional and know what you’re doing. But if you’re coming from a profession such as engineering, you will probably burn out very quickly from “dialing for dollars”, as the saying goes. You need to find a company that offers extensive sales training, marketing training and support. There is no such thing as a born salesman, in my opinion. Sales, like anything else, is a learned skill. For example, when I was young, I was cross eyed and had a slight speech impediment. Therefore I had a self esteem issue. If you would have told me at the time that I would end up in professional sales as a career, I would have recommended a competent psychiatrist. But here I am, with 20+ years in the profession. The point is that sales can be learned. In my business we teach our associates a dialogue based selling system which takes all the tension out of the sales process. Meaning that it works exactly the opposite of what most people think selling is. Most folks think that selling is a pushy proposition. They think this way because we all have met a pseudo salesperson. What I mean is a salesperson that pushes and pressures. Selling is not about pushing, it’s about pulling prospects along. Also, professional sales is about qualifying prospects and realizing that what you are selling is not for everyone. Now, if you start at the basic level, in this case the $1695.00, you will earn $1000.00 commissions. In other words, because your are positioned at the bottom of the pay plan, you only earn commissions on people that purchase the entry level package. In my company, if someone buys a bigger program than the one that you are positioned at, the commission gets passed up to the next qualified rep at that level. But they still have to purchase the entry level program first, meaning that you would still earn at least $1000.00 per sale. This is how I started my business, at the entry level. I make 1-2 sales per week because of how I prospect. So I earn 1-2K per week from an investment of only $1695.00. That’s 72K the first year, from an investment of only $1695.00. An impressive ROI, I don’t care what business you’re in. Many businesses would give anything to have an ROI as impressive.

If you have all of the above skill sets already, then yes, you can start making 20-30K per month within 90 days. But let’s say that you don’t. Could you live with making 60K your first year, by making only 4 sales while developing the necessary skill sets? Because if you can, the 2nd year will net you 250K or much more, if you work.

So, achieving network marketing success to the tune of 20-30K in 90 days? Probably not. 20-30K per month in 6 months to a year? Without a doubt. The question for you, is it worth the effort to learn the necessary skills. to earn 250K + in year two and beyond. I think it is.

But remember, network marketing success may mean one thing to you and another to me. If you only want to earn an extra 50k per year, and for you that means network marketing success, guess what? That’s totally ok. It’s your life.

To your success

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