Internet Marketing Strategies for Network Marketers

From splash pages to capture pages, landing pages to signup forms, Network Marketing has been a part of the Internet for many years now. So if that is true why it is there seems to be so much confusion as to the vast opportunities that are currently available for Network Marketers that want to take their marketing campaign online with a Bang.

Email Marketing:

There are many great Email Marketing Websites and Applications, one of the most popular seeming to be aweber and get response. These Email Marketing platforms allow you to create an informative email marketing campaign to follow up with your subscriber list and give quality content or recommend products and services.

If you do a good job at providing your subscribers with good content regularly that they want to read, the more they will look forward to opening your emails when you send them out. This will lead to your subscribers being more open and receptive to buying what you offer or joining you in your company

Personal Landing Pages:

At times it is easier to promote your own domain then one that appears to be an affiliate link website. By purchasing a low cost domain from a Registrar such as GoDaddy you can then direct people to your affiliate site using a more personalized custom and often more search engine friendly website address.

The best part is instead of just forwarding your domain to your affiliate website you could even have a one page website put together with a contact form, to capture email addresses and further optimize your page with various search engine optimization techniques to have your site appear even prior to your Corporate site itself.

Social Media Marketing:

Utilizing various Social Media Platforms your Network Marketing Campaign can reach groups and numbers that you only dreamed about.

From Facebook Fan pages to Tweeting on Twitter. Creating your own LinkedIn Networking Group, Pinterest your favourite product images and direct them with a description link to your affiliate website to purchase, these are just a few ways you too can use Social Media to your Advantage.

The best part is like everything else online these days, your social media efforts can also be automated, having various apps integrated into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. you can easily update all your social platforms with simply entering your info into one site.

Through these various social media platforms there are also various advertising methods to further entice visitors to your Facebook fan page, Twitter account, website/capture page, etc.

When you consider the number of people that are on Facebook and Twitter alone and the vast geo targeting techniques they have implemented it would be foolish to not integrate your Network Marketing Campaign Efforts to include a Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Another great social media platform for network marketers especially those who are not afraid to step in front of a camera is YouTube adding various playlists to your YouTube account such as Live Testimonials, News & Updates, Event Montages, etc. allowing yourself to even become a network marketing mentor through effective training videos you can better build your Brand through selling yourself as their guide as opposed to selling the product or service itself.

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