How to Write the Perfect Direct Mail Letter

When it comes to designing a direct mail campaign, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can send out an advertisement on a postcard, brochure or simply write a letter. If you’re looking to really connect with potential customers, consider drafting the perfect direct mail letter.

Personalization, in any form, is ideal when crafting your letter. Customers want to know you value them and they want to feel special. If you hand-write the recipients name on the front of a mailed envelope, the recipient is almost sure to open it. They are actually curious enough to want to know who sent the letter to them because it doesn’t appear to be junk mail.

There’s something about getting what you know is bulk mail and what is personalized, and direct mail letters are the most effective way to personalize your advertising. Postcards get glances before they get tossed in the wastebasket and catalogs usually just get set aside for a time to be thumbed through, which may never happen. Yet, direct mail letters that seem personal from the start get the most attention.

1. Get out your pen and start writing: Maybe you don’t want to hand-address every letter you send out to your target markets, but you can add personal touches. Believe it or not, your John Hancock and other hand-written gestures are the most important things that attract attention. Even if you don’t hand-write the recipient’s address on the front of the envelope, consider signing your name. That way the consumer knows you thought of him or her personally and thought he or she would enjoy hearing about your product, service or special deal you are offering.

Of course if you have extremely large number of letters to go out, there is technology out there that can recreate real looking hand-written signatures in mass production. You may want to price that out with your printer if they have that option available.

2. The body of your letter should be appealing: The body of your letter will obviously need to be typed in order to mass produce and insure ease of reading. Take the time to choose a letterhead style that is appealing to the eyes. Use white for the color of the paper and plain text for content, either Arial or Times New Roman at 12 point. Be sure to include your logo, slogan and contact information.

It would also enhance your response if you add a “PS” at the bottom of your letter. Here is where you could add a special offer or thank them for their business, which is a great business retention technique. It lets the customer know you value them.

Always think ways to personalize your direct mail letter enough to let the customer know you are giving them personal attention and appreciation. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

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