How Micro Job Sites Are Changing the Freelance, Outsource and Job Market

The Internet has drastically changed the job market in almost every way over the last fifteen years. Gone are the days of searching through the newspaper help wanted ads to find employment.

First there were large job sites like Monster, then there was Craigslist nearly replacing the newspaper classified ads allowing for faster interaction between job seeker and employer.

The Next Wave

Next there was a wave of outsourcing and freelance websites like E-lance and Guru that allow both freelancers and consulting firms to post their profile and respond to specific tasks.

The problem with those sites is that they are more geared to large projects and while they do a good job in general the barrier to entry may stifle many opportunities and dissuade a number of job seekers and employers from completing the approval process.

The Launch of Micro Job Sites

These sites are much more accessible than other job sites with a much quicker and easier process for posting profiles and tasks. These sites make it much quicker and easier for both an employer looking for a task to request a specific task and for job seekers to post various tasks they can complete.

These sites are a cross between an outsourcing site, classified site, and an e-commerce site all in one. Site members can post specific tasks without an extensive registration process and interact quickly and easily with potential employers to discuss the project.

In addition to the simple post there are opportunities to include additional tasks with the initial purchase after a secure discussion about the job is handled on the site.

The first mainstream micro job site was Fiverr however since then a number other sites have been launched. These sites are shifting the way jobs are marketed and making it much easier for both employers and internet marketers to fulfill needed roles without hiring a full time employee or without engaging a high priced consulting firm.

I recently spoke with a veteran freelance web designer who had this to say about micro job site. “Micro Job Sites have changed our business model tremendously over the last year. We previously promoted heavily on the large Outsourcing websites spending hours completing quotes for jobs with a very low success rate. With Micro Job sites we have been able to list 10-15 services we can provide to clients at affordable price points and it has lead to a major increase in our sales.”

In conclusion, micro job sites are changing the way people do business on the internet and appear here to stay.

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