GEICO Careers – How Can I Pass The GEICO Employment Test?

GEICO are the USA’s 3rd largest insurance company, so they can afford to be picky about who they have on board. Team players and effective communicators are a must. If that describes you and you desire a new career within GEIGO, who is the ideal candidate and what do you need to do to succeed? Join me as I review GEICO careers – how can I pass the GEICO employment test?

GEICO is a “people’s people” organisation and do not believe in doing transactions with their customers – they believe in interacting. Customer service is the top priority and team work is the key that unlocks successful interaction. Although they expect a lot from their associates, GEICO offer success-building tools such as industry-led training, in-house classes and online training through their very own GEICO University.

But first you have to get past that GEICO Employment Test! So, what is it for and what will you need to do?

The GEICO Employment Test should really be called the pre-employment test. Geared to evaluate exactly the skills, talents and knowledge you possess, each test is tailor-made for the specific job applied for.

It is based on real-life situations staff meet within the market place, and the goal is to weed out anyone likely to wimp out on the shop floor. The test is roughly in 3 sections:

1) Reading and comprehension. Based on real life situations, you will be asked to read a series of short stories and answer a set of questions. It seems a bit redundant since they expect post-grads and those with previous experience to apply for their jobs, but it is mandatory.

2) Typing and computer skills. This is a multiple choice, basic skills test to find out what level you currently operate at in terms of typing and computer programme knowledge. Since communication is a key element to their success, there may even be a grammar test slipped in.

3) Role-play. If you don’t like the idea role-play and cringe at the thought of it – turn away now! Placed in the setting of customer/associate situations, you may be asked to either be the GEICO representative dealing with a customer, or a customer wanting advice and help. The aim is to evaluate your sales skills and see how you work under pressure, so stay cool and calm, and don’t forget to treat the associate with courtesy!

Knowing what to expect can really help you to be well prepared for the interview. I hope your plan A works out. However, if you didn’t get through and need to revert to Plan B, have you considered a new career in marketing? The internet has opened up the market place to the entire world and there are enormous opportunities to put the knowledge and skills you already possess to good use in an online business of your own. New skills will be required, so click on the following link now to meet a man who trains his students how to earn the best income in a profitable home business niche. I hope you have enjoyed my GEIGO Career review – how can I pass the GEICO employment test?

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