Benefits of Buying Property in Belize for Retirees

Belize is a beautiful country with crystal clear waters, surrounded by serene and breathtaking views. Without a doubt, the beauty of Belize is one of the top reasons why anyone would want to make this destination of blue waters their permanent home. However, another great reason why Belize has gained much attention in the last several years is because property buying in this land is not much of a hassle, and is worth the money too.

Since buying property in Belize is easy, retirees get the most benefit from it. Here are some:

1. Low Taxes

The government taxes related to property purchase are really low as compared to in other countries. Buyers don’t have to pay capital gains tax and other taxes. The tax that the buyer has to pay before the final purchase deal is as low as 5%, which is not a big amount, as compared to 15% or 25% in other countries.

2. Property Ownership

Belize, unlike many countries, allows foreigners to buy property easily without much trouble. The best part is that anyone can buy property in his or her own name; whether you’re a local or a foreigner, the property title can be on your name.

3. Collect Benefits

The liberal government of Belize allows people older than 45 to collect retirement benefits if they meet certain legal requirements. Retirees can benefit from this regulation as by the time they reach the retirement age, they can have an ample amount of savings that they can use for their golden period after retirement in the tranquil Belize.

4. Stable Dollar

The currency used in Belize is the dollar which is very stable and consistent. This is beneficial in the long run for retirees who want to save from early on for their retirement days. The stable currency also enables retirees to analyze the spend and save ratio, to avoid going into debt.

5. Natural Habitat

When you’re living in Belize, you get the advantage of being around nature. The beautiful and serene beaches of Belize and the fresh air are good for the soul and the ageing bones. Retirees enjoy the fresh breeze, fresh food from the Belizean land.

For retirees, Belize is the perfect destination to relax and unwind away from the hustle bustle of the usual routine life. Many retirees have relocated to Belize in the last several years to find peace and serenity in their lives. Real estate companies have also opened up because of an increasing foreign families moving to Belize.

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