Accounting Software For Small Business – Some Great Tips For You

Small business bookkeeping software can be a valuable business tool. Software can help track crucial areas like payroll, sales, costs, etc. A properly designed software package can help your business operate more efficiently, and in many cases can reduce costs, negating or reducing the need for specific staff.

However, as with all business decisions, you need to carefully consider the needs of your business when choosing software. Here are some tips, which I hope will help you make the correct choice:

1. What do you need?

Most accounting software will perform the main accounting functions of accounts receivable and payable, cash functions, and general ledger. But what about other functions such as payroll?. Do you want to do your payroll in house, or have it done externally? Take some time to consider the needs of your business and the likely cost.

2. What will it really cost you? What will it really save you?

Purchasing the software is only the start. What about the costs of training staff to operate the software. What about the down time to your business while that training takes place? On the positive side, how much will you save in accounting and staff costs once the software is established? Will the software enable you to identify areas to improve business performance?

3. Is there support available?

Does the software supplier provide on site training? Are courses available? Is there a help desk available, and is it available at times to suit your business? Does it have a toll free phone number? Does the software provide detailed training materials either online, through the software, or by way of paper manuals? Is the software a well known brand that your accountant is familiar with?

4. Is the software able to be upgraded when needed?

As you grow your business you need to ensure that your accounting software can grow with it. Make sure your software can be easily upgraded and that the cost is factored into your business plan. The need to change to alternate software could prove costly when you take into account purchase and training costs.

5. Know your software.

Most software packages are valuable tools, and have considerable capabilities. Get to know the full functionality of your software and make it work for you. You may find that it can do considerably more than you thought possible. A bit more time and money spent training at the start could prove invaluable over time.

Remember, your accounting software is a powerful tool to help you manage your business. It can improve accuracy, save time and money, and provide a multitude of crucial data in the form of graphs and reports


Seek advice from other business owners about the type of software they use. Choose a product that can provide flexibility, is easily able to be upgraded, and has solid support systems.

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